Elgin Pocket Watchs

elgin pocket watchs

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  • An industrial city in northeastern Illinois, west of Chicago, formerly noted for its watch manufacturing; pop. 94,487

  • Elgin is one of three stations on Metra's Milwaukee District/West in Elgin, Illinois. The station is away from Union Station, the eastern terminus of the line. In Metra's zone-based fare system, Elgin is in zone H.

  • Elgin (also known as Elgin—Norfolk) was a federal electoral district represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1935 to 1997. It was located in the province of Ontario. This riding was created in 1933 from parts of Elgin West and Norfolk—Elgin ridings.

  • Elgin is a city in Bastrop and Travis Counties in the U.S. state of Texas. The population was 5,700 at the 2000 census. By 2005, the population grew to an estimated 8,689.

Elgin Pocket Watch

Elgin Pocket Watch

Charles Durning's Elgin pocket watch from The Hudsucker Proxy.

I have no idea if it's a real watch made by Elgin or if it was mocked up by the props department.

If you're familiar with the model, or know that it was a prop, let me know.



my daughter holding my great-grandfather's 1895 Elgin pocket-watch. An additional setup during my still life shoot of the watches.

Natural window lighting, Canon5DM2, Canon100mm Macro

elgin pocket watchs

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Fdic Watch List 2011

fdic watch list 2011

    watch list
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Garden Escapees - Criminal in disguise

Garden Escapees - Criminal in disguise

At first I wanted to title this 'Sunshine for my Flickr friends' and hubby handed me this Weed Watch for Far North Queensland booklet.
This Yellow Allamanda Allamanda cathartica is now listed as an Emerging weed - garden escapees So this beautiful flower is now a criminal in disguise.
And to think we still buy this in the nurseries and even our Cairns City Council are still palnting this. This comes in a rambling vine form or small shrub version. The city has these everywhere and they are just gorgeous. I love them for the sheer beauty and vibrant yellow. Let the sunshine shine.

march20072 007

march20072 007

Abortion he says is an abomination before god, however he can't quote any bible verse that says so...Anti abortion protester in new orleans . we have all kinds of problems . needs, ect. and this Fool , thinks he is doing Gods work by protesting in front of An obgyn thats doesn't even practice abortions,,,,,,,,,,, Drunk on the spirt of the lord. he sadly follows the devil " blinded by the light"

fdic watch list 2011

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Gold skeleton watches - Of croton watches.

Gold Skeleton Watches

gold skeleton watches

    skeleton watches
  • (Skeleton Watch) A watch made so the viewer can see the works. Plates are pierced and very decorative.

  • (Skeleton watch) A skeleton watch is a mechanical watch (although occasionally Quartz), in which all of the moving parts are visible through either the front of the watch, the back of the watch or a small cut outlining the dial.

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MING Cal M5 Tourbillon

MING Cal M5 Tourbillon

MING Cal. M5 Tourbillon

The basic layout of the movement. Unique amongst tourbillons for having a shock protection system to protect the fragile escapement - the tourbillon cage and third wheel are mounted on a sprung arm which permits some lateral travel without disrupting timekeeping.

Hilights include 72 hour power reserve, planetary winding system with platinum/red gold skeleton rotor, titanium plates and bridges, and a composite free sprung titanium and red gold balance with breguet overcoil hairspring. Rate and poise of the balance are adjusted by four eccentric platinum weights on the top and bottom of the balance. Oscillation frequency of the balance is 28,800 bph (unusually fast for a tourbillon) and the tourbillon cage period is one minute. The movement hacks by means of the lever connected to the crown stem. The Caliber 5 has three-quarter plate construction and the movement has only one 'level', resulting in a reasonably thin execution.

The watch and movement are shown actual size at left (actual size when drawing is A4 size)

Shadow & Light

Shadow & Light

Just watching the light play off the single watch gives amazing results

gold skeleton watches

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Gruen precision watch - Victorinox swiss army classic chronograph.

Gruen Precision Watch

gruen precision watch

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  • American watch company founded by Dietrich Gruen in1876, and initially called the Columbus Watch Manufacturing Company. The company introduced the first stem-wind watches sold in the U.S. market. In 1935 Gruen introduced the most famous Gruen wristwatch: "The Curvex.

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grün: glaskugel

grün: glaskugel

glaskugel in grun- und gelbnuancen in der sonderausstellung gefangenes licht im grassimuseum fur angewandte kunst in leipzig

Vintage Gruen Precision Curvex Circa 1936

Vintage Gruen Precision Curvex  Circa 1936

© Chrissy Avila Photography all rights reserved

One of the special little restorations Chris did for me.

gruen precision watch

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Iced Watches - Citizen Aqualand Chronograph - Watch Movies For Free On The Internet

Iced Watches

iced watches

  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time

  • Issued when the risk of hazardous weather is significant.

  • A watch is a timepiece that is made to be worn on a person. It is usually a wristwatch, worn on the wrist with a strap or bracelet. In addition to the time, modern watches often display the day, date, month and year, and electronic watches may have many other functions.

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Glamurosamente a tiempo en el FITB

Glamurosamente a tiempo en el FITB

Ice Watch lanzo junto al Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogota 2010 la campana por la puntualidad a la llegada de cada una de las obras. Actores como Patrick Delmas, Fabio Rubiano, Amparo Grisales, Alejandra Borrero y la Directora del Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro, Anamarta de Pizarro recibieron de Ice Watch, un hermoso reloj que ellos mismos escogieron a su gusto.

Foto: Gabriel Ramos

Day 154/365 [ice watch...]

Day 154/365 [ice watch...]

Esta es una edicion limitada de los relojes ice watch, con tema del mundial sudafrica 2010, en este caso el reloj de la seleccion de japon.
my favorito! :)

lighting scheme in comment
This is a limited edition of watches watch ice, with World Cup 2010 theme, in this case selection of Japanese.
My favorite :)

iced watches

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