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Smallest Watch Phone

smallest watch phone

    watch phone
  • A watch phone is a wrist watch that doubles as a mobile phone. The world’s first watch phone was a Samsung SPH-WP10 in 1999. The newer watch phones are made by LG, Samsung, Swap, and Phenom. The newest models support mp3, mp4, touch screen, and websurfing with 3G.

  • Not great in amount, number, strength, or power

  • Not fully grown or developed; young

  • Find smallest item after removing deleted items from front of heap.

  • Of a size that is less than normal or usual

Phone Booth

Phone Booth

There were public telephone booths everywhere and they where operated by young ladies mostly.

If you wanted to make a phone call you went to her, told her where to dial, she got your number looked it up in a price list, told you the price, dialed the number and started a stop-watch.

When you were done she checked the time, charged you accordingly, expected a small tip for herself and then went back to sleep. In the evening when she went home and nobody took over she removed the mouth-ear piece from the phone in order to make sure no unauthorized calls could be made for free.

Simple system - and fairly cheap. When I used my mobile phone to call Sweden the charge was quite high. I later learned that all abroad calls were routed through a very old russian telecommunications satellite called Intersputnik 1.

Sometimes you got just dead lines, sometimes you had to keep dialing and quite often you could hear several other conversations faint being passed on as well. Interesting.

Small pleasures

Small pleasures

I love watching the motiontracker do its work.

smallest watch phone

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