Buying A Mens Watch

buying a mens watch

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Fossil-lised watch from previous lifetime

Fossil-lised watch from previous lifetime

My watch bought on holiday a few months back in Orlando, Florida. I have to say its one of the nicest ones I have owned. I've never found a reason to purchase a luxury wrist watch worth thousands of pounds (GBP ? sterling). Although I must say some of the TAG's and Brietlings are quite nice but really pricey.


I had a YongNuo RF602TX to trigger the YongNuo YN460 which was @ watch right and had a desk lamp (tungsten) @ forward left of watch.
However the EXIF data doesnt show the flash triggering off..

Shot in RAW, desaturated and sharpened in CS5.



Wednesday, 23rd February 2011.

New shoes! I bought these whilst waiting for Kirsty at Uni - I gave her a lift in, in the morning. It was nice having a mooch around town, I spent far too much, but I bought a handsome A2 portfolio for my mock interviews next week. So excited about them!! In the evening we had pizza and watched the rest of Four Weddings and a Funeral :)

buying a mens watch

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