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Cartier Pink Watch

cartier pink watch

  • French explorer who explored the St. Lawrence river and laid claim to the region for France (1491-1557)

  • Cartier was a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1925 to 1968.

  • Cartier is a station on the Orange Line of the Montreal Metro rapid transit system, operated by the Societe de transport de Montreal (STM). It is located in Pont-Viau, Laval, Quebec, Canada . It is part of the extension of this line into Laval and opened on April 28, 2007.

  • Jacques (1491–1557), French explorer. The first to establish France's claim to North America, he made three voyages to Canada between 1534 and 1541

  • a small portable timepiece

  • Secretly follow or spy on

  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty

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The last of the hoo!

The last of the hoo!

211/365 - 07/30/2011

It really felt like summer was flying by when La Ronde hosted the closing ceremonies of the International Fireworks competition. We decided to have dinner in The Village and then watched the show from the cheap seats, ie, from under the Jacques Cartier bridge.

This was taken hand-held by the way, but I vow next year I'll cart out the tripod and take some fancy shots. Getting a spectacular shot of fireworks is on my Bucket List!

What in.....

What in.....

while watching my man play tennis last night I checked out what was in my bag!
I also had another bag with this that held, water, tim hortons timbits, sunscreen, pashmina, sweatshirt, book, guide to Rochester & notebook

There's a pink theme going on!

cartier pink watch

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