Gruen precision watch - Victorinox swiss army classic chronograph.

Gruen Precision Watch

gruen precision watch

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  • American watch company founded by Dietrich Gruen in1876, and initially called the Columbus Watch Manufacturing Company. The company introduced the first stem-wind watches sold in the U.S. market. In 1935 Gruen introduced the most famous Gruen wristwatch: "The Curvex.

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grün: glaskugel

grün: glaskugel

glaskugel in grun- und gelbnuancen in der sonderausstellung gefangenes licht im grassimuseum fur angewandte kunst in leipzig

Vintage Gruen Precision Curvex Circa 1936

Vintage Gruen Precision Curvex  Circa 1936

© Chrissy Avila Photography all rights reserved

One of the special little restorations Chris did for me.

gruen precision watch

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